myChevrolet App Eliminates Worry of Charging Station Access

DETROIT – A common concern of those interested in purchasing electric vehicles is access to charging over the course of long trips.

Electric vehicle owners now have access to the myChevrolet mobile app, “Energy Assist.” This allows drivers access their vehicles from their phone by having the immediate ability to view charge status, range and other details specific to the EV.

Under the “Charge Status” section, users can find the current range of their vehicle, state of charge and additional charge settings. Options are also available to set departure and charging times and search for “off-peak” electricity rates.

Vehicles can also be set up to send text or email alerts to drivers when charging is completed.

The “energy” tab has even more tools to choose from. From this tab you can access maps to the nearest charging station. The app covers over 80,000 chargers across North America, and Chevrolet says more are to come in the future.

A charging station filter can also be applied, showing charging station map icons based on the certain charger type needed, providers or by availability.

The “Energy Bubble” icon also allows user to see how far they are able to travel based on their vehicles current state of charge.

“Route Planner” is another icon available on the map. This feature allows for destinations to be entered and plan charging times. Not only does this option show app to the destination, but it also includes any necessary charging stops along the way.

For the “Route Planner” option, other factors will also be considered, such as driving conditions, speed limits, weather and altitude. Chevrolet says the feature is “the most advanced route planner available for your EV because it knows your EV.”

Adding or removing stops manually can additionally modify routes.

Energy Assist can also be accessed directly on the screen of vehicle through Android Auto, allowing drivers to see real-time energy usage and monitor the battery throughout the driving experience.

Source: Chevrolet

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.