EV Driving Modes Offer Drivers Experience Options

DETROIT – Chevrolet explores electric vehicle driving dynamics in its Chevrolet EV Features video, “Electric Driving Dynamics: Switching Modes.”

Chevrolet there are available options is some of its vehicles to “switch between more fun and more efficiency.”

One feature is sport mode. By pressing the “sport” button, information will pop up in the instrument cluster and Driver Information Center. Those driving the Bolt EUV will also experience an “enhanced steering feel,” says Chevrolet.

The accelerator pedal becomes more sensitive in sport mode, allowing drivers to reach quicker speeds faster. Clicking the “sport” button again will shut sport mode off.

One pedal drive is also available, allowing for drivers to stop using the accelerator pedal. Sudden stops will still require the brake pedal.

This mode can be activated by pressing the “one pedal driving” button, located in the center of the console.

“Many people find this is a more engaging and energy-efficient way to drive,” says Chevrolet.

For stronger deceleration, one pedal driving may be combined with Regen on Demand. Chevrolet says when using this mode, the electric motor acts as a generator when the vehicle is slowing down and captures most of the energy. The energy captured from the vehicle is put back into the battery.

Regen on Demand can be activated through pulling the paddle that goes with it on the back of the steering wheel. As long as the paddle is held, Regen on Demand is active.

“No matter what mode you’re in, your EV will provide you with a fun ride and smooth acceleration,” says Chevrolet.

Source: Chevrolet

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.