EV Features Allow for Go-Kart Like Braking Experience

DETROIT – The newest 2024 Chevy Blazer EV: Blazer EV Academy video focuses on Regen on Demand and one pedal driving.

Regen, short regenerative braking, allows for vehicle battery packs to charge while driving down the road and the vehicle is slowing down.

Devon Hall, Chevrolet system engineer, said as the vehicle slows down, the electric motors turn into generators and the energy from the vehicle is cycled back into the battery.

“One pedal driving and Regen on Demand give you the ability to come to a complete stop without ever using your break pedal,” he said.

One pedal driving allows for the release of the accelerator pedal to trigger the vehicle into making a complete stop. 

In an emergency situation, if more brake is needed, the brake pedal will still work, said Hall. He said Regen on Demand works similarly, where you pull the paddle behind the left side of the steering wheel and you get an additional amount of deceleration.

“One pedal driving and Regen on Demand are similar to how a golf cart or electric go-kart might feel when you let off the accelerator pedal,” Hall said. “Both of those tend to provide regen braking, similar to other electric vehicles.”

Hall said Chevrolet has taken this a step further, allowing for a “more refined slowing down experience.” This varies from an internal combustion engine vehicle where the accelerator and brake pedal is necessary to move down the road, he said.

“You can get away with not even touching your brake pedal if you want to for most driving scenarios,” Hall said. “It can make your drive more efficient.”

Source: Chevrolet

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.