Business Journal Launches ‘Business Strategies’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — With the arrival of the New Year, everyone is looking to take steps toward improvement, whether for themselves or their business. And to help in this quest, The Business Journal is launching Business Strategies.

The series includes 90-Second Gurus, weekly tips that cover everything from public speaking to fitness to marketing, presented by a rotating cast of five area business leaders. The videos will be posted every Monday at and a column from a guru will appear online and in print.

The videos feature important information regardless of business experience or industry. They’re also straightforward and easy to digest.

“A lot of times, especially in health and wellness, things can get too complicated,” says Erin Mellinger, owner of Fitness Together. based in Canfield, and one of the 90-Second Gurus. “A 90-second video is more than enough to help people make small changes one at a time that add up over the year.”

The gurus are also having fun with the information they provide, says Jeff Ryznar, owner of 898 Marketing, Canfield. In his first video, he features two employees dressed as Darth Vader and a storm trooper, while telling viewers how to use “The Force” of content marketing.

“I thought it would be fun to make it fun. And not just for me to do, but for the people who are watching,” Ryznar says. The gurus say that providing help through the the :90-second videos isn’t just about raising their company’s brand. It’s another avenue for their passion.

“I got into doing what I do because my passion is helping to change lives. If these guru topics can help someone make small changes that have a big impact, then it’s all worth it,” Mellinger says.

The second feature of Business Strategies launched Jan. 1 is our Experts section. The question-and-answer format provides an insider’s view of business challenges.

“With all of the change going on in health care, there’s a lot of misinformation in the marketplace,” says Robert Gearhart, partner at DCW Group in Boardman. “We want to help clarify and correct some of that.”

For Sam Boak, owner of Boak & Sons Inc. in Austintown, the chance to provide some insight into the construction business is an extension of the work his company does, he says.

“Our company has been blessed with the support of companies and homeowners who’ve called us to fix their concerns. When you get that kind of support, I was brought up that you give something back,” Boak says. “We’re looking forward to sounding off. Hopefully, if people have any questions or concerns, we can talk to them.”

Look for the Business Strategies tab on our homepage. A group at The Business Journal’s LinkedIn page also offers readers easy access to the featured advice.

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