F.N.B. Unveils New App to Reduce Time, Enhance Security

PITTSBURGH – F.N.B. Corp. on Thursday announced the launch of the new F.N.B. eStore Common application.

With the app, F.N.B. is aiming to be the first bank to offer a single, universal application for almost all of its products and services, including the ability to apply for multiple products simultaneously, the company said in a news release.

The app uses advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help deliver a more efficient and secure application process, according to F.N.B. By requesting simple customer information such as a mobile phone number and date of birth, the app is capable of prefilling numerous fields, minimizing customer keystrokes and reducing the time needed to fill out an application.

Early indications show the program can reduce by 23% the amount of time spent on a consumer loan application, the release states. Then the time reduction increases if the applicant is applying for more than one product. For example, an auto loan and credit card can be completed simultaneously in 55% less time.

The bank said it has enhanced security using out-of-band and biometric technology, as well as artificial intelligence.

The F.N.B. Document Center will allow customers to upload necessary financial information and documentation in one place and eliminate the need to provide it in person.

“Our ongoing investments in eStore will continue, with a priority on financial education and on streamlining product recommendations and client interactions,” said Vincent J. Delie Jr., chairman, president and CEO of F.N.B. Corp. and First National Bank. “With the F.N.B. eStore Common app, we are significantly enhancing our clients’ ability to source loan and deposit products by substantially increasing the speed with which information can be exchanged and applications for multiple products can be submitted.”

Currently, the eStore Common app is live for consumer loan products, with plans to add consumer deposit products before the end of 2023 and business products in 2024. 

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.