First Giraffe Calf Born at Living Treasures Park

NEW CASTLE, Pa. – Living Treasures Wild Animal Park welcomed the first giraffe calf to be born in western Pennsylvania in many years at 5:31 p.m. on Aug. 27.

The male calf, named Calvin, was on all four feet an hour after birth. He received a medical exam from zoo veterinarian Dr. Jonathan Bergmann. The calf measured six foot and three inches tall and weighed 145 pounds, according to Living  Treasures’ birth announcement.

Calvin’s birth is linked to April, the giraffe at Animal Adventures in Harpusville, N.Y. April gained a worldwide audience anticipating the birth of her calf, Tajiri, earlier this year. April is the mother of Levi, the 5-year-old first-time father who grew up at Living Treasures. Levi and the mother of Calvin, Blue Jeans, have been visited by over 700,000 guests since coming to the park.

The park hopes that the birth will help generate local interest in giraffes which have suffered a population drop of nearly 40% over the last 30 years.

“In celebration of the first giraffe calf born at our park, we plan to raise money for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation throughout this fall,” said park owner and director, Adam Guiher.

Custom Calvin the Giraffe and Living Treasures gift items will be available for purchase later this month to help giraffe in the wild.

Calvin has not yet made his public debut, but it will be announced when he does on the park’s Facebook page.

Pictured: Calvin the giraffe.

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