Flashback Minis: Dr John Heberding

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Dr. John Heberding was Youngstown’s first radiologist. He began his medical career at the Southside Hospital in 1905. It was there that he was given the opportunity to learn about the hospital’s new X-ray machine. He would continue that education in Philadelphia and X-rays would become the focus of his career for the next 50 years.

This wood and acrylic X-ray table, once housed in Dr. Heberding’s office at 151 W. Rayen Ave., appears to be handmade and features no maker’s marks. An X on the top of the table shows where the X-ray machine would be focused.

The X-ray table is housed inside the Rose Melnick Medical Museum on the campus of YSU. The museum’s collection also includes X-ray films from 1936 of Dr. Heberding’s wife, Charlotte, who was having sinus problems. 

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