Flashback Minis: Revolving Crystal Fountain

WARREN, Ohio– Just by looking at it, most would not be able to tell the purpose of this strange-looking antique. The artifact, which now finds it’s home at the Trumbull County Historical Society’s Morgan History Center, is actually an air freshener invented in the 1870s. It’s called a revolving crystal fountain.

To make it work, water and scented oils were added to the glass orbs. Spinning the orbs would cause the scented mixture to come out the top of the fountain and freshen the room.

Owning a revolving crystal fountain was less about function and seen more as a sign of wealth. In fact, the fountain did not work very well at all unless you were standing right next to it. In the late 1870s, one would pay about $50 for this air freshener. That amount translates to about $1,300 today.

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