Flashback Minis: Student Nurse Uniforms

This student nursing uniform from 1957 is just one of many that the Melnick Medical Museum on the campus of Youngstown State University has in its collection. This one was worn by Anna Marie Sultus who attend the St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing.

Formal training to become a nurse in the United States began in the 1870s, Then, nurses were trained by working in hospital wards.

Throughout the early 1900s, nursing training programs expanded along with hospitals. While still working long hours, the students would also spend part of they’re time in the classroom.

As nursing skills became more complex in the 1970s and 1980s, so did the training programs. It became common for hospital based nursing schools to partner with a local college or university.

Eventually, hospital-based schools would close and nursing education would shift primarily to colleges and universities.

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