Flashback Minis: The Jambar Newspaper

The Jambar student newspaper has been a part of the campus of Youngstown State University for 90 years. It was started in 1931 by student Raymond Burke Lyden with virtually no budget to speak of. In its humble beginnings, the paper was printed using a mimeograph machine and was sold for two cents per issue.

The newspaper’s name comes from an old steel tool used in Youngstown’s early steel mills. The Jambar began printing on actual news print in the Fall of 1931 once the budget was built up. The paper covered a variety of topics including campus social life, commentary, music, theater, sports and local and national issue.

The Jambar’s first website launch in 2001. Twenty years later, the site now hosts podcasts, the newly created Jambar TV and more along side it’s written news stories.
A digital archive of the Jambar newspaper, beginning with issue one, is available through the University Archives. It is free, available to anyone and full-tech searchable.

Find a digital archive of every Jambar issue here.

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