Flashback Minis: Wilford Arms’ Owl Statue

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio– This electrified owl statue, complete with flashing yellow eyes, once sat atop the Realty Trust building in downtown Youngstown. Its job was to keep pigeons from perching on the window ledge. It was position outside the office of Wilford Arms, vice president of the Realty Guarantee & Trust Co..

Wilford Arms spent the majority of his career as vice president of the local investment firm but had his hand is several other ventures as well.

He moved to Youngstown in 1888 and began his career at mining firm Powers, Brown and Company. Afterward, he became involved with several local ventures, including the Brier Hill Iron and Coal Company, the Falcon Iron and Nail Company of Niles, the Warren Rolling Mill Company, and the Trumbull Iron Company.

As Wilford established himself in local business, he also lent his expertise to others. He served on the boards of directors of several local firms, helped to incorporate regional companies, and was considered a leader in local development and enterprise.

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