For a Rare View of Eclipse, Take Flight

The solar eclipse Monday can be viewed anywhere in the Mahoning Valley and northeastern Ohio.

It will pass over the region shortly after 3 p.m., and all one needs to do is go outside and look up – while wearing protective eyewear, of course.

But the most unique viewpoint of the eclipse might be from the air, and several commercial flights are aligned with the path of totality. They will travel through the route of the eclipse as it is occurring.

This serendipitous alignment will offer passengers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the eclipse from a perspective that few will ever see.

An analysis by travel company India Someday reveals flights poised to offer passengers this rare view of a total eclipse.

Here’s a list of the flights:

Delta Air Lines: Among the regular schedule, Delta’s flights like 5699 from Detroit to New York and 924 from Los Angeles to Dallas Fort Worth will traverse the path of totality, providing unexpected viewing opportunities alongside two specially scheduled eclipse-chasing flights, 1218 and 1010, from Austin and Dallas Fort Worth, respectively.

United Airlines: United has identified 11 flights, including 5693 from Chicago O’Hare to Little Rock and 490 to Houston, that will cross the eclipse’s trajectory. Select flights will enhance the experience with complimentary eclipse glasses.

JetBlue: Acknowledging variables like weather and air traffic, JetBlue notes seven flights such as 694 from Austin to JFK and 215 from Boston to Dallas Fort Worth that may journey through the totality zone, offering a potential spectacle.

Southwest Airlines: Southwest highlights three flights, including 1252 from Dallas’ Love Field to Pittsburgh, anticipated to offer the best view based on the eclipse’s path, with others like flight 955 from Dallas’ Love Field to Chicago possibly intersecting the totality path.

Alaska Airlines: Flights 390 and 322 from San Diego to Boston and Washington Dulles are prime candidates for eclipse viewing on April 8, given their scheduled path.

JSX: JSX creates a unique viewing platform with a two-hour flight piloted by former NASA astronaut Bill Gregory, ensuring every passenger a window seat, alongside eclipse viewing glasses and themed cocktails.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.