Game Changers Welcome at TEDxYoungstown

Game Changers Welcome at TEDxYoungstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – What if? What if your idea sparks a movement that changes our region? That’s the question to be answered Sept. 22 at TEDxYoungstown.

TEDxYoungstown is the local live event governed by the TED organization.

What is TED? TED started in 1984 as a conference designed to bring together like-minded people from Technology, Entertainment and Design to collaborate and share ideas. As a nonprofit, TED is devoted to sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading” usually in the form of short, powerful talks at its live events and through other channels like YouTube and NPR’s TED Radio Hour.

This movement has also spawned independently run TEDx events to extend the mission and build communities across the globe, and it’s coming back to Youngstown this fall.

The theme for the TEDxYoungstown is “What if…?”

While the live event is taking place Sept. 22 at DeYor Performing Arts Center downtown, The Business Journal’s Content Studio has carved out a special home to preview the event in the newly launched Lifestyle section on our website. We are committed to getting attendees primed and ready for the event with a special series of videos and articles that take you behind the scenes with the speakers and organizers.

Keep an eye on our daily emails as we announce the release of new video interviews and articles featuring the speakers to give you a better sense of who they are, their tragedies and triumphs and what you can expect when attending the conference. Because it’s a speaker-driven conference, you’ll want to know who’s on stage and why they’re there before they hit the red circle Sept. 22.

TEDxYoungstown is designed to bring people together to create a shared TED-like experience. Fascinating TED Talks of 12 minutes or less will be delivered live by more than 17 speakers with the intent of sparking discussion and building community.

TEDxYoungstown is not just another business conference. “It’s more about the values of learning and connecting with people, and sharing ideas,” says Greg Smith, the Youngstown license holder and business leader behind the conference.

The speakers are people just like you that feel compelled to share their story. A story that will educate, enlighten and inspire attendees to take action.

“When you come together, it elevates everyone,” says Dena DeLuco, executive producer of the program.

If you’re hungry for change and want to build a community of like-minded people, then you’ll want to attend TEDxYoungstown. To find out more and purchase tickets, go to

We’ll see you in September.

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