Geo C and Tha Storm Takes a Funk Journey on New Album

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – George Case of Geo C and Tha Storm has always had a lot of music in his head. But now that he also has his own recording studio, he’s slashed the turnaround time of getting it released.

The act will release an album of original songs later this month and is already looking ahead to its follow-up.

The new album, titled “The Twistings and Turnings of a Human Mind,” includes two singles that are already available: “Drama” and “Happy to be Alive.”

It’s the band’s first release since 2018’s “Youngstown Funk,” but fans won’t have to wait six years for the next one – the songs have already been recorded.

“I never had a studio at my disposal before,” Case said, by way of explanation. “The Twistings and Turnings” was recorded at the studio of guitarist Steven Fernandez. After it was complete, Case purchased recording equipment and set up a studio at his downtown record shop.

“Now, as soon as I have music in my head, I can put it out,” he said. “I can also write songs for others, a film score, a jazz album – all of the things I was never able to do before.”

Geo C and Tha Storm will play the new songs – all of which were written by Case – and more at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 12, at Frenchy’s in Austintown Plaza.

Frenchy’s has become a home base for the band, a place for it to try out new material, throw in a cover song or extend a jam into a long groove.

This spring, the act will step up its performance schedule. “I’ve already booked about 25 shows,” Case said, at venues from Cleveland to Geneva on the Lake to Pittsburgh to West Virginia.

The band shows its range on the new 11-song album. In addition to some funk bangers, it includes the sultry jam “Who Loves You,” the bouncy “Dance to the Music” and the Prince-ly “Halo.”

In terms of lyrical direction, Case said he wants to give folks some food for thought. His aim is to be more than just a funk band.

“I would like this album to take the listener on a journey of all the things that can happen in a life, and what goes on in someone’s mind, whether they speak of it or not,” he said. “Hopefully, there’s also some resolution in the end, because we all need love; we all need to get over ourselves; and we need to help one another or help someone help themself.”

Pictured at top: Geo C and Tha Storm performs at a recent show at Frenchy’s in Austintown. The band will return to the bar Friday.

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