GM Expands on Autonomy Plan for Upcoming Year

DETROIT – General Motor’s progress on its path to autonomy is geared toward giving drivers their time back and making those trips safer.

In the GM Ultium Effect series video, “Our Path to Autonomy,” Ron Arnesen, executive chief engineer for automated driving, says while many people may be skeptical about letting their vehicle drive itself, everyone should give it a try.

“GM’s path to autonomous driving is different from other companies in that we are working on a range of solutions from assisted driving all the way to completely autonomous driving,” he said.

Super Cruise and Ultra Cruise are two of the additions GM has made to its autonomous vehicles plan. Arnesen says these features are increasing the capabilities of what the company can do with its vehicles.

“Super Cruise performs on freeways and highways,” he said. “Ultra Cruise actually performs on all paved roads and will perform 95% of the normal driving.”

GM plans to introduce 22 models with Super Cruise by the end of 2023, Arnesen said. During the same year, Ultra Cruise will be offered on the more premium vehicles. In this way, he says GM will be making supervised assisted driving available to all customers no matter what vehicle they drive.

“We will continue to add new features and capabilities to Super Cruise with each model year,” Arnesen said. “In 2021, we introduced lane change on demand. In 2022, we’ll introduce automatic lane changes and also towing and advanced navigation.”

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Source: General Motors

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.