GMC Reviews EV Benefits

DETROIT – GMC says there are several advantages when switching to an electric vehicle.

Advantages include High Occupancy Vehicle lane capability, zero tailpipe emissions, possible qualification for state tax incentives, convenient charging, possible qualification for local utility incentives and improved acceleration.

For those with concerns about charging availability, GMC says charging stations have significantly increased in the past few years.

The majority of charging takes place in EV owners’ homes, where the vehicle can be plugged in overnight like a smartphone, GMC says. It addition to at home chargers, the company says there are currently about 70,000 public charging outlets in the U.S. – a number which continues to grow.

GMC says its electric vehicles come with a dual charge cord, which is capable of charging both Level 1 (120v) and Level 2 7.6kW (240v) chargers. Level 2 home charging will require professional installation.

“If performance, convenience, and the potential for lower maintenance costs versus conventional vehicles are important purchase factors, then electric vehicles should be at the top of your shopping list,” says GMC. “Owning an electric vehicle has never been more compelling.”

Nearly silent propulsion and additional “attractive” performance attributes – like acceleration and handling – are also present in EVs, GMC says.

For further assistance for electric vehicles, such as the Hummer EV, the My GMC app offers drivers the ability to see vehicle range at a glance, find available chargers nearby, start charging sessions from within the app, plan routes and use Energy Assist features.

Source: GMC

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.