GM’s BrightDrop Delivers EV600 Vehicles to FedEx

DETROIT –BrightDrop, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, Friday delivered the first five of 500 electric light commercial vehicles to FedEx. The EV600s are the fastest built. Vehicles, from concept to market, in GM history, the company said, and FedEx is its first customer.

The introduction of BrightDrop’s all-electric, zero tailpipe-emissions vehicles into the FedEx fleet is part of the delivery company’s goal to take its global operations carbon neutral by 2040.

“The delivery of the first BrightDrop EV600s is a historic moment, born out of a spirit of collaboration between two leading American companies,” said Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer, FedEx. “At FedEx, transforming our pickup and delivery fleet to electric vehicles is integral to achieving our ambitious sustainability goals announced earlier this year. This collaborative effort shows how businesses can take action to help usher in a lower-emissions future for all.”

BrightDrop was created by GM to reimage the commercial delivery and logistics industry for an all-electric future. Its portfolio of electric vehicles, smart containers, and software are designed to “decarbonize” last-mile deliveries and reduce congestion for a smarter, more sustainable future, the company said.

The EV600 combines the best attributes of a traditional and a step-in van into one vehicle, keeping driver safety, comfort and convenience top of mind.

“FedEx has ambitious sustainability goals, and the speed with which we brought the first BrightDrop electric vehicles to market shows how the private sector can innovate and help bring solutions for some of our biggest climate- and emissions-related challenges,” said Travis Katz, president and CEO of BrightDrop.

SOURCE: General Motors Co.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.