Good Morning! Market Intel for Dec. 9, 2019

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The new week begins with our exclusive reporting of General Motors Co. giving a $40 million mortgage to Lordstown Motors Corp. to finance its $20 million purchase of the former GM assembly plant in Lordstown and retooling of machinery to product an electric-powered pickup truck.

Last week the news that topped the charts was the announcement Dec. 5 that GM and LG Chem have signed a $2.3 million joint venture agreement to build and operate a battery cell plant in or near Lordstown.

The closing of a second newly opened Tim Hortons restaurant drew lots of interest – as did layoffs at the NLMK steel mill in Farrell, Pa., the result of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

Top Five Stories | The Business Journal, Youngstown Publishing Company

  1. GM, LG Chem to Announce Joint Venture in Lordstown
  2. GM, LG Chem to Build $2.3B Battery Plant in Lordstown
  3. Where Will $2.3B Battery Plant Be Built in Lordstown?
  4. Tim Hortons Franchisee Closes Girard Store
  5. Layoffs at NLMK Raise Concerns, Frustrations

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