Google Ad Tools Generate $4.9B for Ohio Businesses

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – More than 35,000 businesses, online publishers and nonprofit organizations used Google’s search and advertising tools in 2017, generating $4.9 billion in economic activity, the company announced Thursday.

In addition, Google provided $10.5 million of free services to nonprofits through the Google Ad Grants program.

Those numbers are up from the year before, when 34,000 Ohio businesses used AdWords and AdSense, generating $4.28 billion. Through the Ad Grants initiative, $9.05 million was provided to nonprofits.

“People turn to the web to learn, discover, find, and buy things. Being online can have a big impact. It’s where businesses can connect with their customers,” said Mary Ellen Coe, president of Google Marketing Solutions, in a release.

Nationally, Google placed its economic activity impact at $283 billion as 1.5 million businesses used advertising tools. According to the annual report, small businesses that use online advertising or data analytics are three times as likely to create jobs.

The full Ohio report is available here.

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