Tell Us Your Story … You’ll be featured in Growth Report 2!

“Growth Report 2: Business and Industry Edition” includes:

For-profit Businesses
• Hospitals, health care companies and agencies

GR2 will be published Feb. 13, 2024. All print stories will be posted at and be distributed in our daily newsletters and social media postings.

There is no charge to submit story information. But you must meet the story submission deadline: Jan. 31, 2024.

Send your information to Feel free to include a high-resolution photo and caption (with IDs left-to-right) that illustrates your Growth Report. (We cannot guarantee it will run, but we want to include as many images as possible.)

Here is the general information we seek:

  • How did your company advance its mission in 2023?
  • How will your company move forward in 2024?
  • What investments and improvements did your organization make in 2023 to facilitate its growth? What’s on tap for 2024?
  • Please share examples (an anecdote, for instance) to illustrate your accomplishments, milestones, significant events. (We welcome photos; see above.)

2024 business trends questions:

  • How is your company using technology to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability?
  • Is your company using Artificial Intelligence – or contemplating the use of AI– to stretch limited resources and staff? For example, to create content and marketing, expedite social media posts and customer emails, and improve customer service?
  • Do you engage in e-commerce? What is the impact of e-commerce on total sales?
  • In 2023, how did your company cope with high inflation and interest rates, supply-chain delays and workforce shortages? What solutions and work-arounds have you implemented?
  • Does your business have a remote/hybrid work environment? Do you see a measurable impact on productivity?

 Required information: 

  • Year founded, number of employees, general description of products/services.
  • The name and title of the person to whom the company information should be attributed must be included as well as the full organization name and address, telephone and email of the person submitting report.

Growth Report Rules:

  • Submit no more than 550 words.
  • Copy slanted toward advertising will be deleted.
  • Reports are subject to standard news editing, available space and date of submission.

For more information about advertising:
Email Jan O’Malley,
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For questions about submitting a story:
Email Andrea Wood,