Graphic Design Students Have Buffet of Career Options

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Many students find themselves under pressure by family when they choose their majors, especially those interested in art no matter how practical it may be in reality.

Michelle Nelson was told to get a secretarial degree when she announced her plans to pursue graphic design over 30 years ago; today she’s a full-time professor of graphic and interactive design at Youngstown State University.

Nelson believes that the stigma stems from a lack of understanding. She says parents are often skeptical of the field when their children show interest.

“I think parents are really concerned about future options for their children,” says Nelson. “Graphic design allows a very large plate of options. Actually, maybe buffet is a better way to explain it.”

She says many students who have graduated the program are now working for large corporations, including Disney, Sherwin Williams and major airlines. While many pursue jobs at national and international companies, she says many obtain regional and local jobs.

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