Gravestone Cleaners Service Comes to Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Losing a loved one is difficult to endure, and keeping their memory alive becomes very important. While there are many ways to accomplish this, tending to their grave site often tops the list. And while this labor of love may be done often in the beginning, it can become more difficult to keep up with as time goes by.

“Many people are either too busy or physically unable to tend to grave sites,” said Eileen Benedict, manager of Gravestone Cleaners. “And many family members move far away. Whatever the reason, loved ones’ sacred sites don’t need to turn into weary, forgotten places. Let us keep these special spaces looking loved and cared for.”

Gravestone Cleaners opened its services in the Youngstown-area to help tend to family burial plots.

The major reason for the dirt and decay of grave stones is because of the outside elements. When left untended to, pollution – including acid rain – and moss, mildew, algae, lichen, and overgrown grass and vines could result in grave markers becoming unrecognizable.

Gravestone Cleaners uses a biological solution that not only dissolves these encroaching eyesores, but also continues to work to help slow regrowth. The biodegradable solution is environmentally friendly. Gravestone Cleaners doesn’t use harsh treatments, chemicals or processes.

The typical headstone that has never been professionally cleaned takes two to three hours to clean. Headstones and plaques that have heavy biological growths and deposits may need a second cleaning to fully remove stains.Additional light applications of the solution throughout the year will help to maintain a clean, stain-free stone.

Pictured: A before and after photo of a headstone cleaned by Gravestone Cleaners.

Gravestone Cleaners also trims and edges grass and provides customers with before and after photos. Packages start at $125.

To contact Gravestone Cleaners call 234 228 0404, or email

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