Greenwood Chevrolet Donates Bolt to YSU

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The Greenwood Chevrolet Foundation’s donation of a new Chevy Bolt to Youngstown State University marks its place in the emerging Voltage Valley.

“This car is a symbol of hope and the future of the Valley. Our staff is going to be going out into the community – with our local organization, with schools, with employers – to demonstrate that the future of the Valley is here and that it’s really all about electrification,” said Jennifer Oddo, executive director of strategic workforce education and innovation at YSU.

The next market shift in the auto industry according to Greg Greenwood, president of Greenwood Chevorlet, is a move to electric vehicles.

“We don’t want to make it too complex: it’s nice to do something nice for Youngstown and it’s nice to do something nice for Youngstown State University,” he said. “Wouldn’t it be neat to get that foundational car at Youngstown State and draw people’s attention to how we’re going to turn the corner again in the Valley? We can support that next generation of workers as they head over to Lordstown to build the next generation of vehicles.”

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