Greenwood Chevy Stores Named Green Dealers

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – For the third time, the Greenwood Chevrolet dealerships in Austintown and Hubbard have been named Green Dealers by General Motors.

Greenwood Chevrolet is one of only 275 General Motors dealerships eligible to be recertified for the Green Dealer program, which the automaker joined in 2016. The two dealerships were recognized for their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and create a more sustainable environment. 

“We’ve taken multiple measures to improve our environmental footprint as well as making sure the opportunity to recycle is there for everyone while they’re in the dealership,” said owner Greg Greenwood in a statement. 

Among the upgrades have been changing parking lot lights to LED, having Energy Star-certified appliances, offering free snacks in lieu of vending machines, switching to high-efficiency on-demand water heaters and updating HVAC systems with programmable thermostats. 

The dealerships also no longer print vehicle catalogs, opting to instead upload the catalogs onto iPads in the showroom and waiting areas for guests to utilize, as well as designated recycling containers for employees and customers. 

“Green Dealer Support has long been committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship and we’re proud that our dealers share this commitment to serve and improve the communities where we work and live,” said Chuck Golden, CEO of Green Dealer Support, an independent company which administers the GM program. 

The Green Dealer program was designed to encourage dealers to implement green initiatives as part of their operations, create a network for sharing best practices and help other dealers begin or advance their sustainability efforts. 

Pictured: Sean Greenwood, Jordan Greenwood and Dave Roberts accepted the Green Dealer award for Greenwood Chevrolet.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.