Grove City E-Commerce Students Raise Record Amount for Charities

GROVE CITY, Pa. – Students in the Grove City College’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation raised a record $4,878 for local charities through their online businesses.

As part of the center’s e-commerce course, students develop online businesses and operate them throughout the semester. Proceeds from the businesses are then donated to charities.

“Not surprisingly, COVID-19 changed the way that we did everything in this class. The students learned exactly what challenges businesses are currently facing as they personally experienced supply chain breakdowns, the need to add safety protocols, and having to prepare contingency plans,” said Yvonne English, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and teacher of the e-commerce course. “I was shocked when we totaled the donations and found that this class had the largest donation total in the history of this class – during a pandemic! I’m proud of the incredible grit that our students showed and of the good work that they accomplished for our community.”

In total, the students created eight businesses:

Usually, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation holds an in-person event at  Grove City College’s homecoming to help students promote their businesses. With in-person events cancelled  due to the pandemic, the center moved the event online, Venture Village, to drive sales and interest in the student businesses.

Pictured: Imago Jewelry’s Stu Rozendal, Olivia Whiteman and Jake Botkin, sell their jewelry on Grove City College’s campus. Proceeds from the business were donated to Light of Life Rescue Mission.

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