Growth Prompts Expansion for Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies

HUBBARD, Ohio – Business has been good for Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies Inc., necessitating the addition of a garage space large enough to house a new, larger truck and store additional products.

According to Adam Jugenheimer, vice president, the business at 6863 Commerce Drive is adding a $250,000, 3,600-square-foot building that will house trucks in the front and warehouse space in the back. The outside of the building was expected to be completed this week.

A supply house for steel mills, machine shops, foundries, construction projects and other dealers selling similar products, Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies sells fasteners, cutting tools, abrasives, shipping supplies, lifting supplies, janitorial supplies, hand tools and more. Anything someone needs for their construction project or machine shop can be obtained through Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies, Jugenheimer said.

The business has mostly operated regionally, delivering products in a 60-mile radius in Ohio and Pennsylvania. But through the company’s website, which launched in 2016, orders are now coming from as far away as California and Texas.

The business started in 1976 in the basement of Bill Jugenheimer’s home with the help of his sons, Larry, Rick and Glen. Eventually, all three sons worked for the company full time, and their grandfather, Merle Jugenheimer, was hired as the first truck driver.

The business has moved and expanded several times – from an old 5,625-square-foot gas station in 1978 to a 9,000-square-foot building in 1983 to its current 32,000-square-feet location in 1993.

Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies has more than 30,000 items in stock, additional access to 70,000 items and works with manufacturing vendors and local machine shops to modify or make custom items. 

The business employs about 25 people.

Pictured at top: Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies’ new garage, which was expected to be completed this week.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.