HD Davis Acquires Pro-Count, Expands Reach to Small Businesses

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – HD Davis CPAs has acquired Pro-Count Solutions, a small Austintown accounting firm that serves local small businesses.

The acquisition will bring Pro-Count’s two employees – CPAs Terry Beck and Robert Lohr III – to HD Davis, as well as the firm’s clientele.

“We’ve acquired nine practices over the past 10 years. We’ve tried to get more strategic each year in how we do those things,” says HD Davis’ managing partner Tim Petrey. “We’ve found that the ones we’re looking for are the ones that make sense in terms of how they communicate with clients, how they serve as a trusted adviser and how they’re involved with clients’ business decisions.”

The Pro-Count team will have “immediate access to better technology and more specialized training,” Petrey said in a separate statement, while clients will now have access to HD Davis’ payroll management services through its sister company, White Glove Payroll.

“White Glove Payroll offers that solution to bring all your accounting and payroll under one roof. Many small accounting offices have gotten away from payroll because it’s become more challenging, especially in the last few years,” Petrey says. “We’ve embraced the fact that payroll is a huge part of everyone’s business. It’s something everyone needs help with and not just from a call center. They want customer service from people that understand small business.”

What attracted HD Davis to the Austintown firm, he continues, is the market it served. HD Davis has worked “in a specific niche” of the accounting market, Petrey says, and bringing in Pro-Count allows HD Davis to reach more of that segment.

“Businesses that aren’t getting the attention they need at larger practices but at the same time need more attention than what they can get from a sole practitioner,” he says. “We’ve split our business into a few different areas – payroll, tax, auditing, accounting, consulting – and have people within those division who have a specialty so that when small businesses need that support, they can come to us and know we have it covered.”

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