Hiram College Joins Campus Nature Rx Network

HIRAM, Ohio – Hiram College has joined the Campus Nature Rx Network to offer a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable co-curricular outdoor program to the campus community.  

Nature Rx at Hiram will serve as a collaboration between faculty members, health and counseling services, administrators and other staff, with a mission of providing students with opportunities to improve their mental and physical health by spending time outdoors.

The Campus Nature Rx Network began in 2019 to connect educational institutions working to help college students with their mental health. The network is a coalition of more than 60 colleges and universities and 89 professionals dedicated to supporting campus mental and physical health through inclusive and equitable nature engagement, teaching, research and outreach. 

An annual symposium is hosted each fall to keep members connected and informed about new approaches to campus nature engagement, while providing opportunities for cross-campus discussions and collaborations. 

“The new Campus Nature Rx program at Hiram College adds another tool to support student mental health, in this case utilizing the programs and campus resources that already make Hiram so great,” said Zachary Fox, Hiram’s sustainability coordinator. “We hope to connect a broader, more diverse range of students to the natural world in a meaningful way. By improving access to the outdoors and encouraging use of the green spaces in our community, we are working toward creating a more resilient student body.”

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.