Hospitality Alliance to Launch Next Week

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Local restaurants, bars and hotels are forming the Mahoning Valley Hospitality Alliance. a trade group to represent their interests regarding staff training, regulatory issues and other matters of common concern, .

Launching next week, the Hospitality Alliance is spearheaded by Christian Rinehart, owner of O’Donold’s Irish Pub, Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts and Mission Taco.

“This has been nearly six months in the works,” Rinehart said in a statement announcing the group’s formation. “The timing was good as everyone in the entire industry is coming together over the employee drug and alcohol addiction issues.”

Growing frustration over the increased feelings of competition versus collaboration combined with new hire reliability issues was a major factor in the group coming together, according to the annoucement.

“We are constantly struggling with having a supply of well-trained staff that approach their jobs as professionals,” Reinhart said. “This organization will offer the community a means of providing initial and ongoing training to employees to that these folks will not only be more employable but also be able to retain the positions when hired.”

Among the trade group’s 12 founding members are Michael Alberini, owner/chef at Michael Alberini’s in Boardman, and Jack Kravitz, president of Kravtiz Delicatessen and Inspired Catering. Others include suppliers such as Ron Kaleel, president of Kaleel Bros. Inc., and hotel companies, including TMI Hospitality Group.

As chairman, Rinehart will work to increase membership and create a management committee representing large and small businesses and vendors in all three counties, he said. Seminars, workshops and events offered by the group are slated to begin in January.

Membership is free for the first 90 days but dues will be applied after that period. Dues are $25 for an individual membership and $100 for an industry membership. More information is available at the organization’s website.

Pictured: Christian Rinehart, owner of O’Donold’s Irish Pub, Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts and Mission Taco, is the chief organizer of the soon-to-launch Mahoning Valley Hospitality Alliance.

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