How Personal Connections Impact a Person’s Well-being

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – During her presentation at TEDx Youngstown, Unni Turrettini, an international speaker and author, explained how she first became interested in the concept of loneliness and isolation after a gunman murdered 77 people in her native Norway in 2011. Turrettini, who lives in Oslo, began to examine the traits of other mass killers and found they were not so different than the rest of society.

Human connection is vital to personal health, Turrettini said. Recently, the U.S. surgeon general described loneliness as an “epidemic” that affects approximately half of the U.S. population.

Turrettini has addressed the topic in forums all over the world and organizes workshops for companies – mostly in Europe and the U.S. “If we can transport the workplace into a place of community, we’ve already done a lot to combat the loneliness epidemic.”

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