Hubbard’s Taylor Borton to Release Country-tinged Songs

Taylor Borton, a country-Americana singer-songwriter and Hubbard High School graduate, will release her next single, “Glove Box Lighter,” on Friday, Sept. 30.

The song is the first of three singles that Borton will release in intervals of about a month. She recorded the four songs earlier this year in Nashville, where she has lived since graduating high school in 2018.

Borton, who has a few other songs on Spotify, holds a degree in audio engineering. When she’s not working at her day job at a physical therapy office, she spends her time writing music and playing at songwriter nights in Music City for tips.

Career-wise, Borton aspires to the music writing and publishing side of the business.

“I prefer to write more than perform,” she said in a phone interview. She’s also not interested in the modern country-pop path. “I’m more of a ‘listen to it twice’ writer,” she said.

Her acoustic guitar songs come with a dash of pedal steel or fiddle, and “Glove Box Lighter” fits that mold.

With a confident voice that belies Borton’s 22 years, the song also demonstrates her emotional depth as a songwriter.

The slow burning tune is told from the perspective of a woman who wants to preserve a relationship by eliminating the pressure of commitment and keeping it under wraps.

An accompanying video will be released in October.

Borton said her musical influences include the late John Prine, Jason Isbell, Loreena McKennit, Miranda Lambert and old-schoolers like Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline.

Collaboration is the byword of Nashville, especially among songwriters, but Borton is going it alone for now. “Some people tell me to branch out and write with others, and some say if you can do it by yourself, do that,” she said.

Borton first picked up a guitar when she was 13 and was playing in restaurants and clubs in the Youngstown and Sharon, Pa., areas by the time she was 16. She spent time at Hubbard Music, where she taught lessons.

Borton returns to Hubbard several times a year. She has no shows lined up in the Mahoning Valley, but that could change, she said.

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