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Humtown Products Sees Growth in 3D Printing

COLUMBIANA, Ohio – Humtown Products, based in Columbiana, is poised for success through conventional production methods and the use of additive manufacturing, says Mark Lamoncha, president and CEO.

Humtown is a supplier to the foundry industry and manufactures traditional cold box and air set sand cores and molds. Over the last several years, it has integrated advanced manufacturing methods into its operations in the form of 3D printing.

“We have great growth outlook in 2019 for our 3D printing business – estimated at 80%,” Lamoncha says. Conventional business is expected to increase by 20% this year, he adds. In 2018, sales increased 53% overall compared to the previous year.

Humtown manufactures sand cores and molds used by original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, and others to make parts for the agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transportation, defense and public utility industries.

The rapid rise of 3D printing convinced the company to establish a new division – Agile Casting Solutions. “We invested in an ExOne S-Max 3D sand printer to work alongside Youngstown State University’s S-Max sand printer,” Lamoncha says.

Last year, Humtown moved this division into a larger building in the Leetonia World Trade Park. Manufacturing sand cores through additive manufacturing eliminates the need for expensive tooling in the industry.

“This allows OEMs to get castings much faster and cheaper, allowing them to grow faster,” he says.

The technology has allowed the company to connect directly with Fortune 500 OEMs, since Humtown is among the first in the industry to adopt this production method.

The company employs 61 and is looking to hire additional employees.

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