YSU Hybrid Manufacturing Project Gets $495,910

WASHINGTON – A $495,910 federal grant has been awarded to the Consortium for Advanced Hybrid Manufacturing-Integrating Technologies, a research partnership established by Youngstown State University and North Carolina State University,  U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan announced Tuesday.

The consortium is developing a comprehensive roadmap for integrating additive and subtractive metal manufacturing technologies — more commonly referred to as “hybrid manufacturing” — in order to accelerate the adoption of the technology, Ryan said a prepared statement.

“YSU continues to be leader in the field of advanced manufacturing and together with YBI and America Makes, they have made Youngstown the focal point of this emerging and transformational technology,” Ryan, D-13 Ohio, said in a prepared statement. “This grant will ensure that American manufacturing continues to be a world player by helping U.S. manufacturers develop tailored plans to integrate additive manufacturing into their production methods.”

The $495,910 award, from the U.S. Small Business Administration, will allow YSU to bring together stakeholders to collaborate on accelerating the adoption of precision additive manufacturing for metal parts. The program will  improve the efficiency and reliability of additive manufacturing processes, develop workforce training requirements and further develop the supply chain for hybrid manufacturing, according to the announcement.

The Consortium for Advanced Hybrid Manufacturing-Integrating Technologies also will provide manufacturers with shorter lead times, more affordable low-volume production and bring together stakeholders to accelerate technical development in both additive and hybrid manufacturing. Before the start of this project, there was no widely used system for integrating additive and subtractive manufacturing processing methods, according to Ryan.

The project builds upon two successful partnerships between YSU and the Youngstown Business Incubator to support the adoption of additive manufacturing technology in industry.

“The advanced manufacturing community in the U.S. will greatly benefit from improved processing capabilities that produce complex functional parts through this hybrid approach,” said Dr. Guha Manogharan, assistant professor in YSU’s department of mechanical and industrial engineering.

Photo courtesy of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, London.

SOURCE: Office of U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan.

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