MiMe Makes Personalized Figurines with 3D Printing

NILES, Ohio – MiMe Global Inc. — the first 3D personalized figurine maker in the area — enjoyed a “surge of sales” within its first two weeks of opening last month at the Eastwood Mall, says its owner, Renee Malutic.

“We’ve been making more people aware,” Malutic said. “It’s more of a curiosity that people are wondering what are we doing.” 

Malutic expects sales to increase further as customers place orders heading into the holiday season, she said. MiMe employs three and Malutic hopes to hire at least three more before Christmas, she said. 

“We have to be trained and prepared to handle that influx,” she said. 

MiMe has fewer than 10 competitors in the United States, according to Malutic. More than 200 photographs are captured in the business’ 3D photo booth within seconds to create a 3D, full-color model of a customer. Prices can range from $50 to $500. 

More than $150,000 has been invested into the business, which had its grand opening Wednesday. Attendees received giveaways and toured the photogrammetry and 3D technology that MiMe uses.

“People sometimes ask me if X-rays are omitted and they’re not,” Malutic said. “It’s strictly camera opticals and that was one of the reasons we wanted to highlight the technology today to satisfy that curiosity and make people aware of the guidelines so they can come back prepared.”

The only guidelines people have to follow is not wear black clothing, which is challenging to photograph, and eyeglasses, Malutic said. Eyeglasses have to be removed due to the 3D printing filling in the glass and the sides. More than one person can be photographed at a time as long as they can all fit on the circle in the middle of the photo booth, she said. 

MiMe uses photogrammetry and 3D printing technology to create full-color figurines of customers.

“The amount of technology that goes into creating one of these 3D printed figures is unbelievable,” said Niles Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz, who tried out the 3D photo booth during the grand opening. “This is one of a kind.” 

MiMe seems like a “very interesting thing for the community” and something Mientkiewicz would bring his family to, he said. He hopes others in the community get the same opportunity to do so as well, he added. 

“I think MiMe is an incredible addition to the mall,” said Matt Boarts, property manager at Eastwood Mall. “The Mahoning Valley seems to be at the forefront of 3D printing technology and this is something that’s going to bring that to people.” 

MiMe will help give community members a better understanding of 3D printing technology, Boarts said. As Malutic moves forward with her business concept, Boarts said he is excited to see what the future holds for MiMe.

“I know [3D printing] is over my head, but this is something that really brings it to the masses,” Boarts said. 

Future plans for the company include designing a mobile photo rig so Malutic and her employees can be out in the field at different occasions, as well as to photograph pets, Malutic said. 

The newest tenant at Eastwood Mall, MiMe won the Small Shop Showdown in June, and recieved six months free rent in the central court of the mall, as well as marketing and furnishings. At the time, Joe Bell, director of corporate communications for Cafaro Co., said the contest was created in an effort to reinvent and reinvest in the property.

“I’m excited to be here doing this and I’m still amazed that I had the opportunity to win this contest,” Malutic said. “We did it, so others can too.”

Pictured above: Attending the ribbon cutting are Niles Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz; Chris Grosbeck, MiMe graphic designer; Renee Malutic, owner; Pat Bryant, volunteer; and Matt Boarts, Eastwood Mall property manager. 

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