Interest Rates Are Low. Buy Now.

With interest rates around 4%, a full point lower than last year, the time to buy is now, says Chad Cromer of NextHome Go30 Realty.

If interest rates go up just a half percentage point, “if you’re putting 5% down on a $100,000 house, that’s $5,000, you’re going to have to put $10,000 down to make the payment the same,” he says.

In this installment of Your NextHome, Cromer of talks about the current state of the real estate market, and offers some tips for how to deal with new technologies such as e-signatures.

“The pros are efficiency. You could be at work and I can be doing three other things and you can sign the paperwork to make an offer on the house,” Cromer explains.

“The con is that you lose that personal connection.”

NextHome GO30 Realty is a fast-growing progressive real estate franchise with a consumer centric focus. NextHome’s outside the box philosophy couples simple yet robust technology with world class marketing to provide an end to end solution for buyers and sellers.

NextHome GO30 Realty is owned and operated by top producers and business partners, Chad Cromer and Dan Dull. Cromer serves as President for the company, while Dull is the Broker-of-Record. The leadership team is joined by Erin Cromer who serves as the Office Manage.

NextHome GO30 Realty is committed to the real estate needs of both buyers and sellers in the Greater Mahoning Valley. In addition to the leadership staff, Next Home GO30 Realty is blessed with a dedicated team of agents that are eager for you to experience NextHome GO30 Realty, call us at (330) 629-8888. #WhosNext

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