iSynergy Case Study: CTM Labeling Systems

What does a real content strategy look like?

In this episode of Digital Success Stories, iSynergy CEO Steve Cross introduces Brian Chivers, assistant director of sales and marketing manager at CTM Labeling Systems. Based in Salem, CTM Labeling Systems designs and manufactures world class labeling systems for clients across the globe.

“When we began working with iSynergy, we realized a lot of our content wasn’t written with SEO in mind,” Chivers says. “So they looked at it from a technical perspective, and that has helped drive more traffic. It’s made a huge difference.”

The digital marketing strategy implemented by the team at iSynergy focused on two main components – SEO and inbound.

“We wanted to create valuable content for their potential customers to help them connect the dots to CTM’s brand,” says iSynergy editor Mackenzie Cross. “This was based on significant keyword research.”

As a result, CTM’s overall keyword rankings saw an increase of 47% and first page keyword rankings increased 55%.

Targeted digital campaigns is another component of iSynergy’s strategy for CTM. They found an untapped resource by seeking out potential clients where they spend the most time online, such as social media platforms. Chivers says that key performance indicators suggest this new strategy accounts for about one third of the company’s increased traffic drive.

“iSynergy’s helped to ensure our success by simply just being available and communicative,” Chivers says. “They always seem to have our back.”

To learn more, watch the video above.

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