iSynergy Case Study: L’uva Bella | Digital Success Stories

How can data and analytics help with website development and rebranding?

In this episode of Digital Success Stories, iSynergy CEO Steve Cross introduces Evan Schumann, president and CEO of L’uva Bella Winery, and Marisa Sergi, the company’s chief growth officer.

Located in Lowellville, L’uva Bella Winery produces wines and juices. The wines are distributed in seven states and the juices are sold to wineries and winemakers in eight states.

With the increased production, L’uva Bella needed an e-commerce site for its transactions.

“A couple months after we launched our new website with iSynergy, we were looking to build an e-commerce site for our juice so that people could go on, pick the juice they wanted, schedule a time to pick up and pay for it in one seamless platform,” says Schumann.

The new site allows customers for a more structured scheduling format, which eliminated the uncertainty around the production and shipments.

“It helps our business, not just with cash flow, but with also being able to monitor when we need our employees here, how many people per day are coming to pick up and streamline the process,” Schumann said.

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