iSynergy Case Study: Mega Barre Youngstown

What are the benefits of, and best practices for, rebranding your business?

In this episode of Digital Success Stories, iSynergy CEO Steve Cross introduces Laura Zavadil and Erica Fleming, co-owners of Mega Barre Youngstown.

Located in Poland, Mega Barre is the area’s only all-inclusive boutique fitness studio. They offer barre – a workout combination of ballet and pilates, dance, yoga and strength training – as well as new Megaformer classes in-studio or remotely.

Zavadil and Fleming share how the team at iSynergy helped them rebrand their business successfully.

“Since we opened in 2013, our brand changed a bit,” says Zavadil. “We needed a new logo and a fresh look for our website.”

Zavadil and Fleming worked closely with iSynergy to bring there new logo idea to life. “We got to unveil an amazing logo that we all worked so hard on,” says Fleming. “We received positive feedback on it right away.”

“By using bold colors and movement, we were able to make sure Mega Barre’s logo and website matched the energetic and fun atmosphere of the studio, says iSynergy art director Josie Puskar.

iSynergy operations manager Michaela Good explains the goals that were set for Mega Barre’s new website. “We wanted to inform existing and prospective clients about our available classes, build their brand in the community and enable clients to sign up for classes online.”

“iSynergy has made it easy for people to find us, and we look forward to taking things to the next level,” Zavadil says. “We’d love to work with them on new ideas down the road.”

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