iSynergy Case Study: TEMA Roofing Services

Steve Cross, CEO and creative director at iSynergy in Canfield visits the TEMA Roofing Services team, to see how iSynergy helped them drive more traffic the their website.

“Before we used iSynergy, it was knocking on doors, it was meeting people, it was putting ourselves out there and creating opportunities the old-fashioned way” says Thomas Froelich Sr., president of TEMA Roofing Services. “Today’s market requires us to do something quite a bit different.”

“iSynergy made an immediate impact on our business from the redesign and development of our website to give us that fresh new brand and feel in the marketplace digitally,” says Scott Froelich, vice president of TEMA Roofing Services.

“It really put us in a different class as compared to some of the competition out there when people are seeking and searching for a quality commercial roofing contractor,” he adds.

In this edition of Digital Success Stories, hear how iSynergy has helped TEMA Roofing Services increase their online traffic over 200%.

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