iSynergy Case Study: The Simple Greek

Steve Cross, CEO and creative director at iSynergy in Canfield visits Nick Workman, the digital media manager at The Simple Greek to discuss the positive impact of local SEO, conversion rate optimization and dedicated hosting.

“We needed our new website up within a few days due to the fact that we were about to be featured on The Profit on CNBC. iSynergy made sure that we could have this site up within three business days,” says Workman. “That way we could start to capture all of that data from the rush of people who would hit our website after the episode aired.”

“Because of how high-profile The Simple Greek’s website is, they’re susceptible to a lot of brute force attacks from the outside world,” says Nick Miller, interactive director at iSynergy. “Because of our new security policies, we were able to stop over 10,000 brute force attacks per week.”

In this edition of Digital Success Stories, hear how iSynergy has helped The Simple Greek assure their success by being a backbone support for them whenever they need them.

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