iSynergy Case Study: Valley Energy Solar

How can a family-owned business triple its sales in one year?

In this episode of Digital Success Stories, iSynergy CEO Steve Cross introduces Daniel Quinlan, co-owner of Valley Energy Solar in Salem. Valley Energy Solar specializes in residential, commercial, agricultural and public solar system installation and project management.

As owners of Valley Energy Solar, Quinlan and his wife Erin handle all aspects of the company’s day-to-day management. This left little time for them to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends.

The Quinlans began to work with iSynergy, rebuilding their content and messaging strategies and measuring their success through sales qualified lead generation.

The team at iSynergy made measured changes in design, editing and content creation for Valley Energy Solar. “Simple things like informative content offers and purposeful ad copy resulted in high clickthrough and engagement and engagement rates for their site,” says iSynergy editor McKenzie Cross.

The company’s website was also restructured and redesigned. “We designed a conversion focus layout that used video and color to capture interest and generate leads,” says Josie Puskar, art director at iSynergy.

“With help from iSynergy, we’ve been able to measure what we’re doing now, follow up with leads and reach customers that we weren’t reaching before,” Quinlan says. “We’ve had three times as many sales this year. We can see the growth in revenue, and for us, it’s been huge.”

To learn more, watch the video above.

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