Johnson, Ryan React to Boehner’s Resignation

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The two congressmen who share representation of the Mahoning Valley offered similar reactions to House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement today that he will resign from Congress at the end of October.

Boehner told the House Republican caucus of his decision this morning.

Later, at a news conference, he told reporters, “This morning I woke up, said my prayers, as I always do, and thought, “This is the day I am going to do this. … “It had become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution.”

Political observers say Boehner’s decision likely means the federal government will not be shutdown as a result of Republican Party division over future funding for Planned Parenthood.

Said Republican Bill Johnson, 6-Ohio, in a statement, “Today’s announcement is another example of the speaker putting country before self. He led the U.S. House through one of the most politically polarizing and tumultuous periods in recent American history.”

Democratic Tim Ryan, 13-Ohio, also referred to t he political polarization of the U.S. Congress, but in blunt terms.

“There is no doubt that over the years, my Ohio Colleague, Speaker Boehner and I have disagreed on the direction of our nation, but I have always believed that he tried to do what was best for the United States of America and Ohio. I like him and I respect what he tried to do to bring compromise and unity to the Congress,” Ryan said in a statement.

“Unfortunately his attempts fell on deaf ears because from day one, his speakership has been hobbled by a deeply divided Republican Party and an extremist group of Tea Party members who are determined to prevent the government from operating. Speaker Boehner stepping down is sadly a victory for the Tea Party, but a more conservative leadership will not solve any of America’s problems and will only further lead our nation down the wrong path. This reflects the complete chaos of the current Republican Party. Our country and its citizens deserve better.

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