‘Know Y’: The Essence of Transformation

Chief Marketing Officer, Youngstown State University

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – In a world where branding is more than just a tagline, Youngstown State University is making waves with its fresh and compelling new brand, “Know Y.”

This rollout is more than just a change in words; it represents the essence of YSU’s spirit, values and vision for the future. As the chief marketing officer, I am excited to share the story behind this shift and what it means for our campus and the trajectory of the university.

“Know Y” isn’t just a phrase; it’s a catalyst for curiosity, dialogue and exploration. This new positioning serves as both an answer and a question, sparking conversations and inviting others to delve deeper into the heart of Youngstown State University. With “Y” standing for Youngstown and our institution, “Know Y” calls upon everyone to seek understanding and enlightenment. This branding encapsulates the essence of our commitment to knowledge, not just as an academic pursuit, but as a lifelong journey.

Beyond the surface, “Know Y” unveils the hidden treasures that make Youngstown State University unique. It’s a call to bring forth the lesser-known attributes that define our campus community. From groundbreaking research initiatives to innovative teaching methods, “Know Y” invites everyone to peel back the layers and discover the remarkable stories that shape our university’s identity.

Inviting Exploration and Connection

The “Know Y” brand is an invitation – a warm welcome extended to all members of our community. This includes current students, dedicated alumni, esteemed faculty, generous donors and steadfast friends. The branding rollout encourages everyone to take a closer look at Youngstown State University and to engage in conversations that lead to deeper understanding.

Empowering the ‘Y Graphic

With the introduction of “Know Y,” the iconic block “Y” logo takes on new significance. It’s no longer just a symbol; it’s a visual representation of our university’s pride, progress and purpose. The “Y” connects us not only to our university but also to the greater Youngstown region. This reimagined logo reinforces our commitment to the community, forging a stronger bond between YSU and its surroundings.

The Future of YSU

This brand launch is more than a change in positioning; it’s a reflection of our commitment to embracing change, fostering innovation and nurturing growth. As we look to the future, “Know Y” will be the guiding light that shapes our decisions and propels us toward new horizons. It symbolizes the university’s resilience, adaptability and eagerness to embrace challenges head-on.

At the core of higher education lies the pursuit of knowledge, and “Know Y” elegantly captures this essence. It’s a nod to the knowledge that our students gain through their academic pursuits and experiences, and a tribute to the power of education in transforming lives. This message resonates deeply with our students, as it empowers them to see themselves not just as learners, but as creators and disseminators of knowledge.

The launch of “Know Y” marks a pivotal moment in the history of Youngstown State University. It is a testament to our dedication to knowledge, growth and transformation. This new branding encapsulates the essence of our community and serves as a bridge between our past, present and future. I am proud to stand behind “Know Y,” knowing that it will propel our university to new heights and inspire generations to come.

So, why Youngstown State University? Because now, you “Know Y.”

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.