Labra Brothers to Mark New Direction With EP, Show at Westside Bowl

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Labra Brothers on Friday will release “Be Cool,” a three-song EP that establishes a new direction for the band.

The Latin-flavored Youngstown rockers will celebrate the release with a show at Westside Bowl on Saturday, April 8.

“Be Cool” will include the title cut, which was released earlier this year, plus “Not Far from Home” and “Los Dias.” Overall, it’s a mellower sound with a confident swing.

“Our goal with this EP was to establish a direction for our music,” said Adrian Labra, singer and guitarist.

To understand the new music, one has to know what came before, and why.

Labra said the band experimented with various genres and sounds on its previous releases.

“[We did that because] we wanted to show our versatility as musicians, and also because we were not exactly sure where we landed on the musical spectrum as a band,” Labra said.

It was a time for experimenting, to find the band’s sound. With “Be Cool,” that time has arrived.

“What we had been yearning to do was to find that distinct sound that makes us ‘The Labras,’ which we had been dancing around throughout our last few releases,” Labra said. “We wanted to carve out our own place within the music ecosystem.”

With the new EP, the band has created the most focused music it has ever written.

Labra calls it a preview of what is to come.

“We didn’t have enough songs for a full album but were pretty eager to get new material out there to share this new direction with our listeners,” he said. “We are more than happy to settle for an EP, and we’re excited for the music that is to come.”

Opening the show at Westside Bowl on Saturday will be Black Wolf & the Thief and Lexi Kays.

“It will be a very Youngstown evening,” Labra said. “The show will feature a couple of guests onstage with us throughout our set, and a special collaboration between our band and Black Wolf & the Thief.”

Pictured at top: The Labra Brothers are Danny Svenson, Cristian Labra, Adrian Labra, David Labra, Matt Hayes and Antonio Labra.

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