Laid Off from COVID-19? Find Local Job Openings

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — As Ohio reports more than 460,000 jobless claims filed in the last two weeks, a new website gives those who find themselves unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic a way to find new employment.

Through the Office of Workforce Transformation, is a portal that allows residents to search for job openings in their area. Many of the jobs are in industries that are struggling to find enough help, including health care, pharmacy, grocery, tech support and the food supply chain.

Currently, there are nearly 12,000 jobs posted throughout the state and employers are encouraged to post their available jobs. A search for jobs in the Youngstown area – excluding statewide listings – returned 87 positions with three employers in the health care industry.

“If you are in a position to work, we encourage you to go online and get one of these jobs,” said Lt. Gov. Jon Husted. “Even if it’s just part time. They really need you to help out in this time of need. It’s critical the few who can work do so for the many who need you.”

During Gov. Mike DeWine’s daily coronavirus briefing Thursday, Husted said wages vary depending on the industry and the employer, but indicated he had heard some employers were offering bonuses to come work for the more in-demand jobs.

“I think these employers are adjusting to the pressures of the marketplace,” Husted said.

Also on Thursday, Gov. DeWine announced the creation of the Economic Advisory Board, a coalition of 18 business leaders in the state that will guide the administration through any economic issues as the state returns from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just as we have looked at [health care] experts to help us move through this crisis, we’re also looking to experts to move us forward as we come out of this and focus on our economic recovery,” DeWine said. “We will have the opportunity to move forward.”

Leading the board is Frank Sullivan, CEO of RPM International Inc., Medina. Among those on the board is Sam Covelli, CEO of Covelli Enterprises, Warren.

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