Land Bank Releases ‘Greening Guide’ to Local Plants

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – To encourage the development of greenspaces with native plants and trees, the Mahoning County Land Bank has released a 165-page guide for landowners, landscapers and policy makers.

The “Greening Guide” is written by Danielle Lewis, a land use consultant and faculty member at Youngstown State University. It provides advice on 92 species of flora, including selection, placement, layout and management.

“This exhaustive guide is a gift to the community to mark the 10th anniversary of the Mahoning County Land Bank’s establishment,” said Debora Flora, executive director of the Land Bank, in a statement. “Along with Danielle and the organizations that supported this project, we’re distributing the guide to promote the use of native plants in greening opportunities, including those that arise when once-unproductive land is put to better use.” 

The land bank and its partners have focused on using native plants on redeveloped properties. Such plants require less maintenance, are more durable and support local wildlife.

“Native species also take up carbon dioxide and pollution and are beneficial for our overall health,” Lewis said.

The guide is available to download HERE.

Contributing to the guide were representative of  YSU, Ohio State University, Cleveland Natural History Museum, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, North Eastern Ohio Native Plant Society, Missouri Botanical Gardens and the U.S. Department of Agriculture

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