Joe Lantz Fitness Kicks Off in Austintown

By Kara Zone

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – After 30-plus year in fitness, Joe Lantz finally has a gym to call his own with the grand opening of Joe Lantz’s Fitness Kickboxing.

In the fitness industry since the early 1990s, Lantz has had his fair share of training sessions. After being a pro boxer, working as a mixed martial arts striking coach and then in a handful of Mahoning Valley gyms, he saw his next step was to open his gym. Tuesday, he cut the ribbon to Joe Lantz Fitness at 6000 Mahoning Ave. in the Austintown Plaza in partnership with Pam Battaglina.

“We are a team, I can’t do what he does and he can’t do what I do,” Battaglina said about joining up with Lantz shortly after taking his six-week fitness challenge. Battaglia said to help others become healthier is one of the most exciting things about the Joe Lantz’s Fitness Kickboxing.

At the ribbon cutting, Lantz recognized people who had lost on his program, some as many as 81 pounds. Each person has a year-long contract and, he said, “I know how to get results.”

Beyond the classes – five per day Monday through Friday and two on Saturdays – Lantz also offers meal planning and weekly consultation meetings.

His students meet with Lantz weekly for a weigh-in and meal planning. “Everyone gets intimidated by me and the weigh-ins. But if I see someone struggling, I will help them change their plan up to keep up momentum.” 

While there are rules to Lantz’s plan – he discourages diet pills and supports eating “real food” from the grocery store – he alters each meal plan and workout routine to meet each person’s goals.

Part of that routine is working to ensure that the group classes still keep the air of a personal training session. To do so, he keeps an eye on a few tells, namely “talking without straining themselves,” and “not breathing properly.” While he keeps a calm demeanor through class, he is also firm. Lantz will call a person out in the middle of class and motivate them by telling them to “get at it,” he said.

Joe Lantz Fitness Kickboxing has five classes, five days a week and two classes on Saturdays. The schedule, Lantz said, is subject to revision according to enrollment. On Feb. 1 – opening day – he expected 50 people to come because of his reputation, but instead saw 125 come through the doors.

If things keep up the way they are going, only two months after opening, Lantz said he will begin to hire more trainers, offer more classes and begin to consider expansion.

While the Lantz gym is across the parking lot from Planet Fitness, Lantz said that doesn’t bother him. He would rather have people be working out and making themselves healthy than having them not be doing anything.

“Any workout is better than no workout,” Lantz said. “And no one can touch my results.”

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