Leprechauns Endorse Rainbow Bagels at Kravitz

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Jack Kravitz doesn’t believe in chasing rainbows to find that spot where the rainbow ends and a pot of gold is buried. But he does believe in creating rainbows, especially when its time for Kravitz Delicatessen’s weeklong celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Beginning Friday, Kravitz Deli offer multi-color “rainbow” bagels at its Belmont Avenue and Poland Library stores. The promotion is part of the deli’s annual Corned Beef Fest that runs through March 17.

“When chasing a rainbow, the important thing isn’t where it stops and starts, but knowing when you are in the right spot to get the best view. Sometimes that means creating some rainbow and taking it with you. This year Kravitz Delicatessen is enabling you to do just that,” Kravitz says.

Producing the colored bagels is more complicated than the deli’s regular bagel selection. According to the deli’s press release announcing its “lelprechaun-endorsed bagel,” the staff must create batches of colored dough, layer it together and compress it. A swath of dough is then cut into the shape of a round bagel.

“While colored bagels have been around the industry for decades, these special bagels have taken off nationally after images of them were shared on social media,” says Kravitz.

Following the social media surge, he adds, the Bagel Store in Brooklyn had to temporarily close due to its inability to keep up with demand and that shops in London are introducing multicolored bagels now.

“I figured that St. Patrick’s Day was the perfect time to share these Leprechaun-approved items with the Mahoning Valley.”

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