Letter to the Business Community

We are writing to express our appreciation for your support of The Business Journal and the Youngstown Publishing Co.

In the midst of this public health and economic crisis, The Business Journal has significantly ramped up coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide real-time information and useful insights to the community. Our mission is to promote the growth of business, industry and quality of life in the five-county region. And right now, our businesses, industries and quality of life are threatened by the pandemic.

Local news organizations are vital to communications and response plans to fight this virus, and are designated as essential businesses. Our office in downtown Youngstown remains open and our staff is working harder than ever. Because most employees have individual offices, we are able to practice social distancing. Still, to ensure we maintain full operations, certain staff have been assigned to work from home.

Our focus is on reporting the latest news from local, state and federal government and public health officials, telling the public how local businesses, nonprofits and community leaders are responding, and providing strategies and resources to help companies and organizations weather the crisis. As always, we do our research, check and double-check facts, and strive to deliver objective information through diverse multi-media platforms.

Until this crisis ends — and it will — we also are determined to tell uplifting stories about local leadership, the resilience of our community, how companies, organizations and individuals are stepping up and making a difference wherever they can.

To that end, we would like to know how your company is operating. What leadership position are you adopting? How are you using this crisis to evolve the way you do business?

Please tell us how you are leading by example. Tell us what’s happening in your company or organization. Tell us how your employees are doing their part as well. CLICK HERE to submit information.

Lastly, at a time when local journalism and media business models are greatly challenged, we ask for your support. Page views at BusinessJournalDaily.com increased 500% in the last week as people searched for credible, vital information. You can help us continue to meet our mission by placing advertising and multimedia marketing programs, and subscribing to our daily emails and print edition. The visibility you’ll receive will demonstrate your leadership and earn your company long-lasting respect.

We’re all in this together.

We wish you good health, safety and long-term prosperity.

Andrea Wood

Jeff Leo Herrmann

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