Live Wires Orthodontics Brings 3D Printing to Dentistry

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – For 18 years, Pam Szmara, has worked as an orthodontic dental laboratory technician, fabricating orthodontic appliances for the dental industry through her company, Live Wires Orthodontics.

Six years ago, when 3D printing took the dentistry field by storm, Szmara purchased a Stratasys and began learning how to operate the equipment and fell in love with the process. Through additive manufacturing, she now prints models for crowns, bridges and surgical guides, among other products.

She started by servicing orders through word of mouth, but a year ago reached out to the Northeast Ohio Additive Manufacturing Cluster to gain access to resources that would help launch and grow her 3D printing business.

“Of all the professional organizations that I belong to, this is the one that has the broadest understanding of additive manufacturing and how it can be used to transform your business,” she said in a release.

Through her involvement in the Northeast Ohio Additive Manufacturing Cluster, Szmara has introduced her operation to new markets and innovations, including being introduced to Robert Joyce, CEO of FibreTuff, in July.  After meeting him at the cluster’s conference on 3D printing materials at Cleveland State University, Szmara began using FibreTuff PAPC, a biopolymer material for Class I and Class II medical devices.

“I am seeking to grow sales of 3D filament for FibreTuff PAPC in the medical market and functional models of bone seem to be of interest,” Joyce said. “Pamton 3D Printing has been an excellent service center for the FibreTuff PAPC to help produce unique parts for both human and veterinary bone applications. This partnership has been a win-win for both of us,” said Joyce.

Szmara has also joined the Youngstown Business Incubator as a portfolio company. As such, she has participated in training sessions for the incubator’s XJet Carmel 1400 ceramic printer, the only of its kind in North America.

Source: Cleveland Plus

Pictured: Pam Szmara, owner of Live Wires Orthodontics, displayed her company’s 3D printed models at the Northeast Ohio Additive Manufacturing Cluster’s conference on materials over the summer.

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